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About The Artist


Anna Dirain Burson

Anna is a self-taught artist who was inspired by her eldest sister (Vivian). She started drawing as a teenager in high school by helping her Mamang by designing clothes. In college, she moved to her sister's apartment and that is when her love and passion of painting begun. During this time, she would attempt to duplicate her sisters' artwork. She idolizes her sister so much that even her signature was influenced by hers (LOL). After college, she stopped painting to focus on her career path and to help her family with finances. When Covid came, Anna made the brave decision to give up her career to become a full-time artist and began to accept commissions. Some of her artwork is on display in her home town of Lal-lo, Philippines where she completed a portrait for their town mayor and paintings with the sizes of 4.5 x 5.5 ft. and 4x5 ft. that are beautifully displayed in their church. She was chosen to be a juror for a local art contest in her home town and loved to view different pieces and methods used. Anna became so passionate about bringing smiles to her clients during this time. Most of all, she loves nature and animals because it is full of unexpected wonders that she uses as an inspiration. This is where her imagination runs wild and she gets ideas for her own creations. Anna, also, enjoys looking at other artists work and becomes energized and motivated to achieve better artwork herself. She loves to see others stimulated and smiling because of her work and hopes that it will inspire more people to become artists. She is dedicated and always puts forth her best in every art piece that she completes.

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